Children’s Summer Fiber Arts Workshops – 2014

This is my fourth year offering weekly Summer workshops for children.  I have renamed it “Fiber Arts” from “Knitting” because students will have the opportunity to learn and work on a variety of projects all related to one central theme – fiber!  The emphasis is on knitting, whether it’s introducing knitting to the beginner or advancing skills for the experienced knitter.  My workshops are tailored to each individual student; they get the opportunity to work at their own pace with help and encouragement from me and the others in the group.

What’s the perfect age for this workshop?  Typically, kids ages 7 and up come to my workshops.  They are the perfect age to begin working with fiber and learning to knit.  In my workshops, there’s always a mix of younger and older students.  I’m always amazed as to how well the various ages work together to complete each project!

This year’s knitting projects, as in previous years, include a variety of themes.  The projects vary in size and complexity.  At the beginning of the week, I work with each student individually to help them select the project that is perfect for them!  In addition to some of the themes and projects from previous years like felted purses, knit accessories for dolls, slippers or hats, I have added some new themes and projects.  They include farm animals (stuffed pig, hippo, hedgehog) and lawn critters (butterfly, ladybug, snake).  Students can opt to have their project felted, done at the end of the week.

Everyone will go home with at least a couple of finished projects.  Pictures of some of the project choices are below.  For more information, go to and choose “Classes”.

Other fiber-related projects students will make include:

Dyeing yarn – using paintbrushes and food color — the kids mix colors, paint sections, sometimes dip their yarn into specific colors.  At the end of the week, they take home their hand-dyed yarn, which can be used after the workshop is over to knit something for themselves or as a gift!







Felting.  This Summer students will felt soap that they will be taking home using wool roving.  In addition, for knitting projects, they’ll have the opportunity to create a felted thing – stuffed animal, slippers, handbag.  They choose based on their skill level.  There are always plenty of choices!

Embroidery – Students will learn basic embroidery techniques to finish their projects, for example, french knots for a stuffed animal’s eyes, satin stitch for a mouth.