Finishing techniques — sewing a zipper into a sweater

I just finished sewing another zipper into a sweater and it’s pretty easy to do. I know there are many ways of sewing a zipper to a knit fabric but I’ve been happy with this technique.

This is a Kathy Zimmerman pattern called “Anniversary Pullover” and has a turtleneck. But I knew my husband would wear it more if it had a short zipper. Thus, I modified the pattern and finished the neckline. Here’s a picture of it (I still have the sleeves to finish which I’ll be working on next.)

I purchased a 9″ zipper but it was too long; I had to adjust it because the sweater’s finished opening is only 8″. The first thing I did was pin the zipper in place. Make sure the zipper and sweater lie flat before you continue. Adjust wherever you see any puckering.

Next, I whipstitched across the zipper coil where I wanted it to end and then cut the excess. Now that the length of the zipper was right, I could begin sewing.

First, from the outside of the sweater, I sewed a running stitch starting from the top of one side and continued all the way around to the top of the other side. Keep in mind that you’ll need to fold both top edges down while sewing.

Finally, from the inside of the sweater, I stitched the outside edge of the zipper to the knit fabric. Voila! Here’s a picture showing the stitches.

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